Why does Dupaco sponsor the garage sale event? As a credit union, Dupaco is about people, thrift, and the community. That's also what the Community-Wide Garage Sale is about, and why it's a perfect fit for us.

Dupaco's community-wide garage sales ended the 2016 season with over 790 registered sales in the following communities: Dubuque, Manchester, Platteville, Cedar Rapids, and Carroll.

2017 Community-Wide Garage Sales

Dubuque, Iowa: Saturday, April 29
Manchester, Iowa: Saturday, April 29
Platteville, Wisconsin: To Be Announced
Cedar Rapids, Iowa: To Be Announced
Carroll, Iowa: To Be Announced

Here's how you can participate in the Community-Wide Garage Sale:

Have questions about the Community-Wide Garage Sale? Call Dupaco at 800-373-7600 or email marketing@dupaco.com.